svētdiena, 2016. gada 8. maijs

Cute summer outfits

I love, love, love these cute frogs and owls and muffins!
This is great outfit after swimming or when its can choose your favorite color and even animal, and I try to realise it!

svētdiena, 2016. gada 24. aprīlis

sestdiena, 2016. gada 23. aprīlis

Jackets, vests and sets!

It all start with my little girl, with first jacket.. and then continued with jackets, vests and differet vests for my clients!

svētdiena, 2016. gada 17. aprīlis

Elsa and lot of Minions!

Every kid has a hero..someone they want to be like. So I try to help them feel like Elsa, funny Minion or...
p.s. they can be worn in spring, autumn and with lining even in winter!